Sunday, 14 November 2010

Giving Audrey a beating!

I'm a big fan of boxing! I can't really say why, but I think it has something to do with my huge admiration for the men that do step into the ring. It is the one sport that I would be hopelessly useless at. I dislike pain, have always talked my way out of fights rather than into them, and I don't like hurting people. For the most part boxers of all shapes and sizes display all the attributes that I'm unable to. At least I thought this was the case until a bell rang just after 11pm last night.

Audley Harrison had convinced many that he would give David Haye the fight of his life. The self named 'A-Force' had been on a PR campaign that would have rivaled that of top politicians. Such was his seeming blind belief that he would emerge from the depths of ineptitude to conquer his one time friend even I found a little part of myself thinking that maybe "Yes he can".

However unlike Obama whom he stole his fight motto from, Audley was found woefully wanting when it actually came to backing up his words.

At the time I just couldn't believe what the Olympic chump was doing. He knew that Haye was conscious of the power in his left hand and yet the challenger didn't even once try to back the champion up with a meaningful punch. Such was Audley's lack of endeavor that Haye was even able to hand pick which round he would stop the fight in (So as his close ones who he'd told in private could place bets on the fight finishing in that round)

Never have I been so disappointed by a fighter’s performance. Even Ricky Hatton, when he took his Guinness fuelled fists to take on Pacquiao, put up a decent fight and even when he did get knocked out at least he got knocked out properly. Harrison couldn't even manage that! He just stood there swaying around with reality leathering him the face over and over again.

The fact of the matter is that this fight was designed to make everyone involved a lot of money before Haye steps up in class to fight a Klitschko brother. Secure in the knowledge that he's made in excess of £10 million the WBA champ can go and try and decapitate a Ukrainian man mountain and be sure that his family will be ok even if he returns home in a body bag.

Unfortunately the paying public had to endure one of the most cringe worthy three rounds of boxing ever seen. However if that's the price we have to pay to see a Klitschko set foot in a ring with David Haye then it might just have been worth it! I for one would pay good money to watch Haye take on either of the brothers.

If you hadn't had enough of one sided fights though then turn your attention to December 11th when a woefully under experienced British fighter Derek Chisora takes on Vladimir Klitschko. Hopefully though Del Boy can at least throw a few punches before his lights are turned out!

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  1. I think you could have talked Haye out of it Nick!! Dad